Thomas H. Graf, musician, composer, arranger and listener is presenting his recent work on this website. Music composed with heart and soul, arranged for a vast variety of instruments and ensembles. His music is performed and recorded by musicians worldwide. (see references)

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Song of the month: Fab' s final song - Big Band - Ballad

Song of the month: Fab' s final song - Big Band - Ballad


Oh happy day - after all the requests we finally finished the arrangement for Concert Band - check it out!

Oh happy day - The famous gospel classic – here it comes in a fresh and festive arrangement. Big fun to play! And the best: Not difficult at all! This piece is a real must for all weddings, birthdays, partys …  - so it really is best choice for any happy days!   
The music arrangement features organ and one solo instrument. (Any transpositions are included). Background voices 2 and 3 are optional and could be played by any combination of instruments (all transposed keys are included and carefully adapted to the different instruments). Improvisation part is optional. Organ pedal could also be played by bass, any percussion instrument can be added as available. The most important will be the hand claps on the off beats - the audience will love it!
Listen to the recording – at the end of the file you will find a organ play along which can be used used for any performing issue. As played by the ORIGINAL DRACHENFELSER MUSIKANTEN.
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Any individual arrangement is available on request for reasonable price.
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New pieces are online! - Check it Out!

  • It's up to you to fall in love - Jazz Big Band LISTEN
  • The house of the rising sun - many ensembles available LISTEN


New Series online! - Check it Out!


"Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit" - The famous German folk song is available after so many requests.

Ghana's national anthem Quartet is online - enjoy free sheet music

2014-06-01 - AURA LEE / Love me tender - a real classic comes in a spicy arrangement. Many ensembles available LISTEN



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