Thomas H. Graf (*1967) is a German composer, arranger, conductor, bandleader and musician.
Addicted to music since his very first days his recent work is focused on arranging and composing brass music for many different ensembles i.e. Concert Band, Big Band, School Band and many different chamber ensembles. Lots of his compositions are played and released all over the world, from France to Brazil, from Germany to Australia. His profound knowledge of classical, folk and jazz music as well allows him to compose and arrange with a great variety of musical colors. His professional experience includes also Musical, Cabaret and Circus. And that you can hear in his music. As a member of many ensembles. (i.e. Original Drachenfelser Musikanten, Rheinische Blaeserphilharmonie, International Dixie Tigers, UNI BB Bonn, …) he is performing in many countries, i.e Europe, US, UAE, … Thomas H. Graf has always an ear concerning questions to his music i.e. special requests for parts, custom arrangements… Keep on grooving! [ TOP ]

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